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Date:10 Sep 2002 Time:21:49:14

Interesting. Sounds like an exciting but expensive trip. Wish you all the best of luck. Tail winds all the way! Everett Collier


Date:13 Sep 2002 Time:10:40:55

This sounds very exciting. Hope everything goes well with the planning. Good luck! Linda Treadway


Date:23 Sep 2002 Time:10:48:58



Date:26 Sep 2002 Time:05:58:47



Date:01 Oct 2002 Time:09:10:23

What a great website. The entire concept is brilliant. Goodluck and represent us well. Neville


Date:03 Oct 2002 Time:03:28:32

This will be a trip of a lifetime.Good luck!! Richard Nicholson


Date:05 Oct 2002 Time:14:55:32

Hi Steve, The route, I tried 3 times no info. Around the world, I did same, no info. Pilots & Steeds, same story. Jan Troskie's aircraft is the Ravin. New web site is great. Chalkie.


Date:08 Oct 2002 Time:01:31:06

Exciting and fabulous. Will contact you as promised. Faan Rademeyer


Date:08 Oct 2002 Time:01:31:34

Exciting and fabulous. Will contact you as promised. Faan Rademeyer


Date:16 Oct 2002 Time:13:49:36

Enjoy the adventure and see you there. I am part of a group of approx 80 SAfricans that will be taking the commercial way to get there. Safe flying. Braam Hechter


Date:30 Oct 2002 Time:06:10:08

I am also in if I can get everything organised by then.....This is a once in a lifetime adventure you can tell your grandchildren about! Thinus de Beer


Date:30 Oct 2002 Time:13:36:22

What a wonderful experience. Damm daily commitments and Come on the LOTTO. If I win it I'm in. C U there (unfortunately hoping to be taking the commercial way to get there.) George Brink


Date:31 Oct 2002 Time:03:57:58

Great site, good luck on the adventure, will be watching this space for any development. Mÿk Lembisch


Date:31 Oct 2002 Time:03:58:36

Great site, good luck on the adventure, will be watching this space for any development. Mÿk Lembisch


Date:04 Nov 2002 Time:10:44:43



Date:05 Nov 2002 Time:04:32:42



Date:11 Nov 2002 Time:13:10:28



Date:19 Nov 2002 Time:03:46:55

A nice webside to go with a great adventure. Keep focused , landing at OSH will be worthwhile compensation for the preperetory efforts. Peter Hengst


Date:19 Nov 2002 Time:03:47:13

A nice webside to go with a great adventure. Keep focused , landing at OSH will be worthwhile compensation for the preperetory efforts. Peter Hengst


Date:03 Dec 2002 Time:23:08:48

I like what you are doing. I wish I could join you. If anybody needs me to fly back to SA with them, let me know. I live in Tennessee and I attend Oshkosh almost every year. I have been to SA and have flown in the J'burg area. My e-mail:


Date:05 Dec 2002 Time:14:59:27

Alles van die beste! Kom sê hallo as julle hier is - ek ontwerp die AirVenture Today koerantjie in die gebou so vyftig tree skuins noord van die beheertoring. Bring biltong en Marie Biscuits! Groete. Pierre Kotze,


Date:08 Dec 2002 Time:02:39:31

Good luck and all the best for your flight. Will see you all in Oshkosh. Dave King


Date:24 Dec 2002 Time:11:57:54

I correspond with Keith Palmer, one of the participants from South Africa, who is completing his Pulsar aircraft to fly on this ambitious journey. Many of us who are also building Pulsars or other kitplanes, will be tracking the group's progress to the USA and wishing these pilots a safe and enjoyable trip. When they get to Oshkosh, the sight of all those planes and people with a love for flying will make it all worthwhile. Bob Hartunian Southern California


Date:28 Dec 2002 Time:05:36:45

Great Web site. Wish you all a Great Adventure. Hope you all go around the World, only Astenauts do it regularly. Peter van der Velden


Date:13 Jan 2003 Time:02:59:53

Good luck, and remember, never fly faster or higher than your guardian angel. Paul Kruger.


Date:13 Jan 2003 Time:14:42:10

I enjoyed your site and planned adventure. I'd attempt to join your around the world group, but am far from being flyable. Hope to see you in Oshkosh. Larry Knowles (RV8 fuselage) (airport 7V1, Colorado) (found the link to your site on the Short Wing Piper Club site)


Date:14 Jan 2003 Time:22:11:37

Greetings from Manila, Philippines (RPLL). Your site was mentioned in the email group of the Short Wing Piper Club. You have a terrific site. God speed and the best of luck. We'll be watching and cheering. BTW, I had a wonderful 10-day visit to KwaZulu-Natal in 2001. I look forward to go back to South Africa. Desi Laperal,


Date:24 Jan 2003 Time:01:29:11

Excellent site. I'm very envious. I've worked in many of the parts of Africa you'll be overflying. You're in for a spectacular trip. Enjoy it, and may you have fair winds all the way! Chris de Beer ( Tanzania

Date:28 Jan 2003 Time:08:22:54

To Chalkie and the team, all the best on your trip, I will follow you on this web. and wait your arrival at Oshkosh with banners and flags. HAVA A SAFE AND WONDERFULL FLIGHT. Fanie Bezuidenhout (zs ujm)


Date:01 Feb 2003 Time:23:10:38

See you at Osh ,I will be flying in myself for the third time from California ,I wish I had time to go with you from SA to USA. Maurits van Rooy (


Date:02 Feb 2003 Time:05:07:38

Hello Steve, A great set of web-pages, and they all worked! One improvement may be to change the header section (banner ad, logo, two fixed and three moving statements) so that it takes up less space. I found each page display on my screen identical, and a bit confusing with all the individual pages open in different windows. Just my thought. I hope to meet up with all the SA participants at the EAA's AirVenture at Oshkosh later in the year. I will be camping under the wing of a Piper, as part of the 30-aircraft, Piper Owners' and Pilots group fly-in. Even though it is not the adventure you folks will be having, it is still flying in to Oshkosh, and a mini adventure from South Eastern Pennsylvania all the same. Good luck to your team, and bon voyage, Neville (another one - see the message dated 01 Oct 2002) EAA# 0626382.


Date:02 Feb 2003 Time:11:15:20

Bon Voyage - good tailwinds and no overzealous officials. Ben and Felicity Meyer


Date:02 Feb 2003 Time:11:15:54

Bon Voyage - good tailwinds and no overzealous officials. Ben and Felicity Meyer


Date:03 Feb 2003 Time:23:36:24

Great stuff! Lived in Joburg 6 years and had my Maule based at FAGC and later at Fly Inn. Unfortunately it's sitting over here on this side of the pond or would love to join you. Instead I'll drive it the short distance from New Jersey over to OSH and await your arrival. Best of luck!!! Tom Agin


Date:04 Feb 2003 Time:05:38:19

Fabulous adventure. All the very best to everyone for the round trip; you will be different pilots when you have flown EGPC, BIKF, BGBW, CYYR, there's lots of nothing up there so be careful; ' wish I was coming. All the best Derek May email:


Date:07 Feb 2003 Time:18:54:59

good luck to all involved, my flight is about 50 miles from Waukesha, WI to Oshkosh. Thats like nothing! Best of luck and have a great flight. See you in OSH


Date:09 Feb 2003 Time:12:48:26

hi guys as a former Durbanite and aircraft homebuilder , i will be following your trip with much intrest. My own single seater MIMI COUPE is close to completion ,,will have close to 2,000 mile range and if all goes well will be making the reverse trip to Durban ... eaa member 685494 all the best ,, hope to see you ALL at OSHKOSH,,,MIKE KOEVORT


Date:13 Feb 2003 Time:16:35:24

Hi from Ken McLeod Anchorage Alaska Built my Kit fox (ZU-BTC) in Durban and was based out of Cato-Ridge, was a member of EEA Grass Roots. Now I am living in Anchorage Alaska and still flying the Kit fox (now N133KF) around Alaska. Hope to fly to Fairbanks and meet you their. Good luck Ken McLeod email


Date:17 Feb 2003 Time:14:02:29

Great website -and a very interesting exercise. Although we live north of the proposed route into Canada, we will lobby for the flight group to consider extending into Iqaluit Nunavut on the south end of Baffin Island on the return leg. Fuel is cheap ( 85 cents Canadian a liter for 100LL) and the over water legs are shorter! Please see our website even if it is out of date at Will follow developments with interest T. Bert Rose Polar Pilots


Date:18 Feb 2003 Time:05:23:56

GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!!! Good Luck and I hope to see you in Oshkosh. Marco


Date:28 Feb 2003 Time:03:05:00

This website is very informative - I wish you guys all the luck in the world. Yours Ray Watts



05 Mar 2003 Time:05:25:40

What a great idea.Sounds very exiting.Hope everything goes as planned.Enjoy the adventure.We will follow the trip on the website.Happy landings. Oloff Schoeman. (


Date:21 Mar 2003 Time:09:43:46

Good Luck Guys, looking forward to seeing you here in sunny Bournemouth, UK. Chris Parsons


Date:03 Apr 2003 Time:07:58:41

i just like to see the site


Date:24 Apr 2003 Time:03:50:16

i study geography and i wish to come to america to finish my course.


Date:24 Apr 2003 Time:03:53:53

my name is tajudeen datti,my email is i wish all the pilots good luck and successful trip, best regards


Date:17 May 2003 Time:11:55:02

You guys are an excellent example of the South African spirit of Adventure. Well done. Ricky De Agrela


Date:18 May 2003 Time:12:18:12

To everyone going to Oshkosh this year i wish you the best. My father and i went last year and still to this day we are dazzeled by the experiance. Just go go go pilots of South Africa!!!!! Russell and Bruce Duke-Jackson.">


Date:01 Jun 2003 Time:13:54:38

To all the pilots, good luck with all the preparations for the trip!! Will be there in osh when you arrive with SA flags waving!!. you make us all proud.will visit the site again before blast off.To Franco and Wouter from East London doing the trip GOOD LUCK AND MAY THERE BE TAIL WINDS ALL THE WAY!!! Rudi van den Bergh - East London - RSA


Date:05 Jun 2003 Time:05:21:11

Magnificent and good luck to the boys. You made us proud to be South Africans. Nceba Ruka, Kyalami


Date:07 Jun 2003 Time:12:46:18

All the best to you guys. I hope the trip goes well. I wish I could go along. Regards Ray Webber


Date:07 Jun 2003 Time:18:41:36

Great site! I'm looking forward to following your trip. I'm particularly interested in hearing of your experiences with handling, aviation authorities, etc in the countries along the way. I ferry aircraft occasionally and am always amazed a how the requirements seem to change daily. Good luck and Godspeed!!


Date:09 Jun 2003 Time:16:21:34

I am sorry to hear that my old friend Keith Palmer will now be unable to go with you. have you got things fixed up for your overnight in Ottawa ? Let me know if you need any help Jim Wallace Ottawa June 9th 2003


Date:12 Jun 2003 Time:07:53:38

This is very exciting.I saw an RV in the making @ Klerksdorp. Coenie


Date:15 Jun 2003 Time:10:35:35

I think your website is very informative and look forward to following your trip there and back. Barrie and Jacky


Date:22 Jun 2003 Time:08:55:33

Steve, if they don't give you the red carpet treatment when you get back, then we will give it to you at Wortlegat. Good Luck Pat & Lorraine


Date:22 Jun 2003 Time:12:07:17

hello - chalkie's daughter here! working on mnemba island in zanzibar. trying to get you a sponser. 20 days to go... good luck. lots of love, cynthia.


Date:24 Jun 2003 Time: 11:38:44

Hi Steve. Only a couple of days to go. Unfortunately i wont be seeing you at your half way stop. But all the best and i will definately check on the latest news. All is great in ireland. Good luck to the rest of the team. From Robyn


Date:24 Jun 2003 Time:13:44:35

Great web site. Best of luck to all of you. Geoff Older KIS TR -1 Sarasota, Florida USA EAA Chapter 1285


Date:26 Jun 2003 Time:08:56:47

Best of luck to you all. That's quite an ambitious itinerary. I'll be visiting Oshkosh in a more conventional manner (commercial airliner). My wife and I will be there 7/31-8/4. I'll be looking for your Aircraft to see how your trip went. Pop in and visit Monica in the NASA building. She'll be manning a booth for her project, Synthetic Vision. They're evaluating heads down display concepts to determine the level of detail and symbology that makes the most sense for general aviation displays.


Date:28 Jun 2003 Time:06:41:29

sounds a great trip I will be with you in spirit (my VP2 is not quite up to it)from


Date:01 Jul 2003 Time:04:23:03

Good luck. Enjoy the trip and make South Africa proud!!!!!!!!!! JAN WIBBELINK


Date:03 Jul 2003 Time:02:59:54

Wishing you blue skies and 3 greens for the journey. Will be following your trip on the site - Ian Surmon


Date:03 Jul 2003 Time:15:48:45

Good luck, all the best and have a safe flight. Jaco Swemmer

Date:03 Jul 2003 Time:17:37:35

100 years after Kittyhawk, the pure spirit of adventure still takes real aviators to new and courageous heights. This journey is an inspiration to all ordinary people to do something extraordinary in our lives! Andre J Smith (Africa Explorers Club)


Date:06 Jul 2003 Time:19:37:11

Just a quick message to wish you all a safe trip. Looking forward to seeing you at Prestwick. Hope you all have a fantastic time. Cheers Simon EGPK ATC


Date:07 Jul 2003 Time:02:23:21

Wind the clock, kick the tyres... Good luck to you all. Best wishes from Roger and Jenny


Date:07 Jul 2003 Time:03:41:42

You might know what your steeds are, but we do not. the one looks like a Cherokee 140. if it is, that is pretty small. Please give us the type of aircraft and i would like to see Rolf & Kistens Steed and them if possible. Good luck Des Galloti


Date: 07 Jul 2003 Time: 09:52:36

Web Site is great. Guys (and all), have a GREAT adventure .... and bring my mate Frederick Morrison back in ONE piece! Once in a Life Time - Carry the flag proudly! David Beck


Date:07 Jul 2003 Time:17:09:20 

Looking forward to seeing you guys at Prestwick later in the month. Hope all goes well for the trip. Campbell Quinn Prestwick Flying Club


Date:08 Jul 2003 Time:10:06:45

Hi Frisco and co.. Have the greatest amount of fun and let the winds be on your side. Wish i could be with you guys!!!


Date:08 Jul 2003 Time:22:36:39

Best of luck with your most excellent adventure and welcome to the USA. My wife and I will always fondly remember crossing the Atlantic in our Twin Comanche. Don N8864Y


Date:09 Jul 2003 Time:14:47:10

With safety first in mind it shows just what can be learned from local coastal shake-down filghts. This is one adventure I will be following on screen as well as virtually. Selwtn Bosch (Virtual ZS-SRB)


Date:10 Jul 2003 Time:14:26:07

Hey Daddo (Frisco). Hope you have a great flight and we pray that those winds are with you the whole way. Love, your fam. (R,A,G,G,S,A,B,J,L,G and D)

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